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Parental engagement with children’s learning has emerged as one of the best levellers for raising attainment.

Our personalised text system and resources aim to give parents the knowledge and confidence to effectively support learning at home.

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Through this course you will learn more about what options your son/daughter will have when they finish college and how to support them through the

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How Flipped Tuition Works

We know that parents want to know how to support their children’s learning but information on how to do this can be hard to find. Each of our modules will provide a series of three personalised text messages and direct links to relevant and engaging resources. at. The resources will help parents understand more about about the science of learning and what really works along with information on time management, goal setting, exam preparation and options after school and college.
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Flipped Tuition Partners

Flipped Tuition thanks the Shine Trust who support the programme through the Let Teacher’s Shine Award. The Shine Trust believe that children should be given the best possible chances in education, regardless of their background. Through their amazing work they support and nurture a wide range of great ideas that can help raise the attainment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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